Sunday, March 25, 2012

This past week has been a good one -- with Wesson getting a seven day break from his chemotherapy....and the news of a protocol that holds great hope for a cure for our sweet boy. We were given a few days to bask in the sweet bliss of being (somewhat) of a normal family again. And although we we still ventured out to the hospital for lab checkups and blood transfusions -- we've learned to make the most of each and every moment given together....and even got an opportunity to splash in the rain outside the walls of St. Jude. If our family has learned anything rom our trials and is the true value of time...the virtue of patience...and the meaning behind the three words: live laugh and love.

Spending some quality boy time in the Music Room at the Target House.

And moments for brothers to bond like brothers do!

A Trip to the Memphis Zoo..

And back to reality ....

Keegan, daddy, and Wesson checking out some fishies in the A-B clinic waiting room before Wesson's much needed blood transfusion...

Blood transfusion # 19 since diagnosis

Pulled his NG tube out --- because he's ready for some real food!

He loves having the freedom to roll without getting tangled in his NG tube...and we love looking at his beautiful glowing face. (:

Admission to the 2nd floor leukemia wing...shortly after Wesson's BMA and IT procedures. Ready to start the new chemo regimen...bring it on! We'll stick by your side Wesson -- every step of the way....

Vivacious hunger with the steroids...and a new found love for string cheese!

Learning to stand like a big boy...

The in color and very fascinating -- not only because of the color, but because it was developed in the UK and proved by the British to be more successful at terminating cancerous cells than it's sister drug Daunorubicin which was was the chemotherapy that Wesson recieved in his induction phase back in November...

I cannot get enough of this sweetie....we make each other smile.

Loving his new DINO jammies...thanks Aunt Janet! Wesson has gotten many compliments from the flirty nurses...


Keegan has developed a tender touch for Wesson...and is always ready to stick up for his little brother. Wesson has no ability to fight back the emotions he has for Keegan -- and unfortunately this usually ends up in cheek pinching and ear grabbing!

Wesson you continue to AMAZE us...and we ask that you do continue to "Potty Like a Rockstar". Each and everyday with you brings new discoveries and challenges...but also a deeper found love for your sweetness. You make your parents not only happy but incredibly proud -- and in your first 7 months, you have taught us more about courage, strength, patience, love and the value of life....then we could have learned in a lifetime had you not blessed us with your presence on August, 1st 2011. We Love You...and know that you have so much to will reign power over your demons, and prove to the world what an accomplished young man you can be. MUAH!

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