Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Just to sort of provide a long summary of Wesson's condition as we are starting this blog a little late into treatment. You can also follow Wesson's story at caringbridge.com/wessonlittau.

Wesson was diagnosed with high risk infant acute lymphoblastic leukemia on November 14th, 2011 at the 15 weeks old. He had been showing signs and symptoms including fatigue/lethargy, bloody stools, paleness, poor appetite, and when we had finally decided to have him looked at he was immediately flown to Sanford Children's Hospital where he was officially diagnosed via blood sample. His white blood cell count at diagnosis was 560,000 and hgb was 2.0. He underwent surgery at 12:00 AM on November 15th in order to place a port in his neck to save his life. We were told that he may not come out of surgery alive, and if he did it would be a long road ahead....

Well needless to say Wesson made it out of sugery just fine after about an hour in the operating room, and leukapheresis (a procedure that removes white blood cells) was performed immediately. He underwent two leukapheresis procedures in order to get his white count to a safe level. He also underwent several blood and platelet transfusions within the first two days. Wesson was in the PICU at Sanford Children's Hospital for one week, before being moved upstairs to begin chemotherapy treatment on protocol COG ALL0631. We have been inpatient at Sanford Children's since November 14th, with two very short breaks for home.

Wesson had one picc line placed early on in treatment which unfortunately became infected twice -- which is grounds for removal. This was removed  in December and replaced with his broviac central line -- this would be a more permanent port for chemotherapy treatment and transfusions, and is currently in place.

Wesson has not been able to get enough nutrition on his own and so he has had an NG tube placed. He recieves a 12 hour night feeding along with bolus feedings during the day. We are currently on our 4th NG tube, as mommy has pulled it out twice (on accident of course) and Wesson has taken it out twice as well....probably to make mommy feel better! He has undergone TPN for a few days during a time in which his NG tube was pulled and unable to be replaced due to mucositis.

Wesson suffered mucositis from  high doses of methotrexate during the induction intensification phase and unfortunately had to be on TPN during these times. He also suffered incredibly terrible diaper rashes from the toxicity of the chemo excretion and severe diahrrea during his induction phase of chemotherapy.

Wesson was never diagnosed with c. diff although tested several times due to severe diahrrea. He has only had one line infection so far which contained gram negative bacteria. He was treated with vancomycin and cefapime for this and tolerated both antibiotics very well. He is currently taking Prevacid due to acid reflux and bactrim on the weekends for prophylactic purposes to prevent fungal infections. He has only had one fungal infection -- thrush during his high dose methotrexate treatment.

Wesson has also suffered one reaction to a blood transfusion on Thanksgiving Day where he developed tachycardia, rapid respirations, high blood pressure and fever of 102.7. Ever since then it is routine that he recieves benadryl and tylenol prior to any blood and/or platelet transfusion....he has had no reactions since!!

We feel blessed to have such a beautiful baby boy and we love Wesson with all our heart and soul. We will do anything to help him fight this evil battle and we feel our strong faith and wonderful support from family and friends will help us all endure Wesson's fight together.

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