Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wesson without his NG tube for a day and getting his blood/ vitals checked at Assesment Triage at St. Jude in Memphis, TN.
On 3.3.12

Wesson getting a much needed blood and platelet transfusion. His platelets were 8,000 and hgb only 7.2  -- you would never know by looking at his sweet and happy demeanor - he's our little rockstar!

Boy time at the Target House!

Keegan and the Danny Thomas Statue -- We are so thankfl for Danny Thomas. Before Danny Thomas became famous he prayed to St. Jude Thaddeus and asked the saint "help me find a way in life, and I will build you a shrine".  After DannyThomas's career began to flourish he remembered his pledge to St. Jude to build him this shrine....His dream siezed upon the idea of creating a research hospital especially devoted to curing catastrophic illnesses. And so here we are: Thank you Danny Thomas and Thank You St. Jude!

Wesson on the leukemia floor at St. Jude inpatient in isolation with C. Diff -- He got to play in his bath water (What FUN!) Unfortunately the closest thing he'll get to a real bath for awhile.

"My Futuere's So Bright -- I Gotta Wear Shades!"
Wesson yesterday before his LPIT and BMA procedures. Unfortunately the procedure had to be postponed about 3 1/2 hours due to critically low platelet level. Here he is recieving his platelets. This is his 9th platelet transfusion since diagnosis.

Keegan and I had craft time at the Target House -- this is just one of our many pictures up for display in our two bedroom apartment in honor of Keegan's baby brother. One of the things that we are so thankful for --- time together with crafts isn't something we always got at home.

My Oh So Comfy Sofa Bed during inpatient stays -- it's not so bad and it keeps me as close as I can be to Wesson during the night hours in the hospital.

Wesson and Daddy after Wesson's second LPIT and BMA since being at St. Jude -- we were admitted afterward for Wesson's five straight days of intense chemotherapy. You can't really tell by this picture but he developed facial swelling and a terrible rash on his face from the Robidol (SP?) they used to dry up all of his "secretions"/drool during the procedure. We made sure they coded this as an allergic reaction..and he won't get it again.

Even amidst an extremely intense chemo protcol --- he still has an appetite for sweet potatoes!
Thats my boy!

The best way to explain the way the chemo makes him feel is by this picture -- pure exhaustion....and even though I brought three of his best blankets to inpatient admission with us -- he still wound up using hospital blankets by the third day... due to all of the vomit.

Just one of Wesson's mysterious lesions...we could finally breathe easy when the dermatologist declared it non-fungal. Praise God!

Big brother Keegan brings the light to our days and supports Wesson in every way that he knows how. This was in the Medicine Room last Saturday -- we were in that tiny room for 4 hours straight, while Wesson recieved his blood and platelet transfusions....and Keegan didn't complain once. Probably because of these rockin' glasses!

Daddy and Keegan -- just another day roaming the halls of St. Jude. From one clinic apt to the next, -- we remember to take it one day at a time ...never look forward and never look back.

Daddy, Keegan and Wesson -- Ambulatory Care Clinic in Isolation.

We still have a sense of humor too....and are able to find joy in the small things.

When we heard the news that Wesson was accepted to undergo a research protocol at St. Jude On February 15h, 2012  --- we packed up our bags and headed out early the next morning to arrive in Memphis, TN 17 long hours later. It was a drive we will never forget....

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  1. Your blog is amazing and your family is so beautiful! I admire your strength through such a tough time. All my love and prayers are with your family. I am just a stranger but I check in often!