Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We are following our gut and have decided that Wesson's best option is to retry the induction phase once more -- in hope this time it gives us a clean remission. With that being said, we are monitoring counts every other day at the clinic, and transfusing when needed. Waiting now for Wessons ANC to get high enough to start the induction phase. With our time, we have already discovered Wesson's new love......COOKIES!
(He is more like his big brother than we thought!)

.....and crackers :)

Surprisingly enough, we are still in isolation for C. Diff....and with an ANC and white count of 0....it makes for lots of time spent indoors. Toys, crackers, videos, and lots of mommy, daddy, and big brother time.

And although with yesterdays news weighing heavy on our hearts....we grin and bear it as a family, and we lay our trust and faith in the Lord, and the medical team at St. Jude.

Keegan and Daddy have been workin' on their b-ball skills, outside the grizzly house....

.....While Wesson rests up for the next go at chemotherapy.

Keegan enjoying a little outdoor time at the playground.

Without the amazing man in our life...this fight wouldn't be possible. I thank God for my husband each and everyday! Best daddy ever.

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